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Minimum – Smash Routine

a1716504157_2Out Now!

‘Smash Routine’ is the first single to be released from their self titled EP.

This could easily be described as the perfect compliment to a high action drama (a good one, not something with Danny Dyer.)

Video for the single “Smash Routine” (which is nothing like the suggested videos. Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate?!)

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The Guilty Ones – Conquer the World (Single)


Released 28th July 2013


With the release of their EP ‘Conquer the World’ imminent, psychedelic pop rock band The Guilty Ones, will be releasing their single ‘Conquer the World’ at the end of July.


‘Based in London, The Guilty Ones have extensively been playing all the credible gigging circuits around the UK – after a fruitful studio sabbatical they are now ready to release their infectious new single ‘Conquer The World’ through Auditorius/BMG Chrysalis, home of Yeah Yeah YeahsFrank OceanTame Impala and Bruno Mars.  This track is just a small taste of what you can expect to hear from this great live band.’

Take a listen:

“The Guilty Ones revive the very best of 60’s and 70’s; with their modern twist of psychedelic pop rock. Vocalist Liv will sweep through your soul; with a voice so magnetic that you’d follow her every word down the darkest of backstreets…What a great find” NY Times Magazine

You can pre-order it now by clicking the link below:

For more information about The Guilty Ones:


Showbizheroes – Tales From Behind the Curtain

Album Front Cover

Released 3rd June 2013 

With the release of ShowbizHeroes debut self-recorded (in a greenhouse?!?!) album to be released next month, ShowbizHeroes show us exactly what you can do with an old Compaq Desk pro and some ripped off recording software!

If you haven’t heard of Showbizheroes before, they define themselves as “Four mates from TOWIE, not cool, totally spray tan free and only wear scarves when it is cold and they are outside. Leaving aside the style and concentrating on the substance… Good melodies, loads of hooks and changing dynamics to create catchy indie pop music.”

To get a copy of ‘Tales from Behind The Curtain’ for a discounted price and half the album for free, sign up to their mailing list before the 3rd of June.

‘Sinner is flipping brilliant!!!’ – NME Radio

‘Short and sweet with a hook laden centre that won’t fail to snare all!’ – Room Thirteen

‘Sinner is Awesome!!!’ – BBC Essex

‘More hooks than the National Portrait Gallery!’ With Guitars

If you could live your life by one of your song lyrics, what would it be?

This one is easy, ‘On the town I’m a Sinner’ I’m pretty sure we would all like to be but some of us never get the chance!

Why record your album in a greenhouse? Who even comes up with the idea of putting a recording studio in a greenhouse?!

When you have nowhere to record and no money to go into proper studios you’d be amazed at the places you would try and lay down a record… I’ve currently been laying down ideas on my iPad on the train to work in the morning!!!

You’re trapped in a lift with one other band/artist. You get talking to them and they ask if you want to collaborate with them. Which band/artist would it be and why?

Well if ‘collaborate’ is code for something else then Girls Aloud, failing that it would have to be Ladyhawke, her two albums have been great and it would be really good for us to all come up with some stuff together.

Did you ever think “we should go on The Xfactor”? Why/why not?

Think we would go down like a f**ked lift on X Factor… Actually believe it or not I can’t comment, I have never seen X Factor ‘proper’. I’ve only ever watched one of the first episodes with the auditions, it was pretty funny! 

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing right now?

We wish we were only doing the band, but to answer your question, Nick would be further up in the government, Dan would be helping RBS get out of debt, Austin would be doing exactly what he is doing now and I would be insuring more planes.

Who comes up with the lyrics to your songs? Are they based on anything or made up of rhyming words that sound good. “Lying in my bed, wishing I was with you instead” etc…

Nick comes up with all the lyrics, normally on the spot or within a few runs of the song, it’s pretty amazing to watch… There is a rumour that all our tunes are about one girl (hope that’s his wife lol).

Picture the scene. You come home after a gig. It’s late at night, you’re tired, you’ve just finished a curry and you’ve fallen onto the sofa. The light comes on, someone screams. It’s not your house. What’s going through your mind?

 How did my key work in their front door? I had a very similar experience to this at Glastonbury once in a tent… It was like the scene in ET when that kid first comes face to face with ET!

If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would be the first thing you do? (The real first thing.)

 Touch my boobs….. That was the FIRST thing I thought. Second thing, get down the gym and hit the changing rooms!

What do you look like first thing in the morning? (Pictures accepted.)

I’m too scared to look… I’ve seen Austin a few times in the morning while we have been on tour, he’s is certainly not a morning person!

For more ShowbizHeroes:


Arcade Parade – Cave of Swimmers EP

Cave of Swimmers EP - Cover DesignReleased 27th May 2013

Arcade Parade are one of them bands you can listen to over and over again and never get fed up.

Consisting of brothers Ollie and Elliot Scott, Jacob Ferguson and Dan Byrne, they are a 4 piece rock band with a sound of their own.

Winners of Shropshire’s “Next Big Thing” competition, Arcade Parade are clearly a band worth watching!


‘Cave of Swimmers is everything you want a young indie band to sound like… It is euphoric, hooky and just gets the job done perfectly with the minimum of fuss.’ (

‘Playing catchy song after song, this band that are already emerging on the local scene oozed potential and raw talent. Arcade Parade are certainly ones to watch.’ (Counteract Magazine, April 2013)

Arcade Parade recently answered my questions:

In every band, there’s the one that gets all the girls. Which one of you never gets the girl?

Elliot: Definitely NOT Oliver, that’s for sure haha

Have you ever used the line “I’m in a band” to get the girl?

Dan: I don’t need to, people think I’m harry styles

Who comes up with the lyrics to your songs? Are they based on anything or made up of rhyming words that sound good. “Lying in my bed, wishing I was with you instead” etc…

Ollie: I do, each song’s different and has a different story behind it but I don’t tell anybody what they are, being the shy guy that I am, and I try and make it so that nobody can understand them haha. I use like codes/ rhyme and slang a lot so that even if somebody knows what I’m saying, they don’t really “know” what I’m saying.

If you were a generic pop boyband, which boyband would you be?

Ollie: JLS I think. They’ve split up now so we could just live off the royalties without doing anything. Also, free hoodies/ rubbers man.

Have you ever thought “We should go on the Xfactor”?

Dan: Fuck no.

Picture the scene. You come home after a gig. It’s late at night, you’re tired, you’ve just finished a curry and you’ve fallen onto the sofa. The light comes on, someone screams. It’s not your house. What’s going through your mind?

Jacob: “Brilliant. Now I need a clean pair of trousers”

Would you rather have the top half of your body, the same as a fish, or the bottom half of your body the same half as a fish? Why?

Dan: That depends, what kind of fish are we talking here? Do fish have penis’?
If you could be anyone else, who would it be and why?

 Dan: Dave Grohl, what a hero.

 If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would be the first thing you do? (The real first thing.)

Elliot: Breasts.

What do you look like first thing in the morning?

Dan: Like the lovechild of a broccoli and a fabulous zombie.

Jacob: Exactly the same as I always do, just with slantier eyes.

For more Arcade Parade:


Kisses – Kids in L.A. (Album)

Picture 12

Released May 14th 2013

Kisses are Los Angeles-based pop project featuring Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson.

Track listing:

Up All Night
The Hardest Part
At The Pool
Funny Heartbeat
Air Conditioning
Having Friends Over
Adjust Glasses

Tour Dates:

05/10 Seattle, WA – Barboza*
05/11 Vancouver, BC – Electric Owl*
05/12 Portland, OR – Holocene*
05/13 Sacramento, CA – Midtown Barfly
05/14 San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop**
05/16 San Diego, CA – The Griffin
05/17 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
05/18 Tucson, AZ – Playground Tucson
05/19 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
06/13 Brooklyn, NY – Northside Festival (Cascine Showcase)
06/19 Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour

* = w/ Trails and Ways
** = w/ Astronauts Etc, Sister Crayon

For more from Kisses:


Charlie Straight – I Sleep Alone (Single)


‘I Sleep Alone’ Single out 20th May 2013

First impressions? A joyful track you’ll instantly be singing along to. The infectious chorus of ‘I sleep alone’ along with the joyous instruments makes for an excellent song to lighten up any day.

Charlie Straight are a four-piece consisting of Albert (lead vocals), Michael (keyboard, backing vocals), Johnny (bass) and Paul (drums). Recently, the band supported Red Hot Chili Peppers and their video was featured and promoted on Coldplay’s website.

With over 50 thousand fans on Facebook3,5 million views on YouTube, one MTV Break-Through European Award and 3 Grammy Award, it’s clear that the band are hitting the right notes and impressing the right people!

Video for ‘I Sleep Alone’

If you enjoy the sounds of Charlie Straight, they will be playing The Great Escape Festival this year in 16 – 18th May, Brighton.

For tickets, and band listings, visit:

“Charlie Straight make the kind of joyful, harmony-driven Britpop, Britain itself has forgotten how to master.” The Guardian.





Great Mountain Fire – Crooked Head


Released 6th May 2013

First impressions? Dancing on the beach. The instant feeling of being on a beach on a sunny day comes to mind as soon as I hear this song.

The great summer sound of Belgian band, Great Mountain Fire, instantly fill you with joy as you listen to them.

If they were asked to compare themselves to anyone, their answer would be The Beatles, fun’n’games, and Vietnamese beef soup- all in one go.”

Want to hear the acoustic version?

“Liking the sound of Great Mountain Fire!” – XFM

‘… A knack for classic songwriting that will take you back to the times when quality of music mattered and artists weren’t afraid to explore their creativity in a brave and honest way’ – Glasswerk

“Absolutely loving it! Tuuuune!” –  Festival Diaries

“Great Mountain Fire are really cool, a bit Foals-esque like!” – 102.6 Sine FM

“Really liking the single!” – Phase One FM



Saturday Looks Good To Me – Break In (Single)

From the Album ‘One Kiss Ends it All’ (Released 21 May 2013)


“In their decade-plus existence, Saturday Looks Good To Me has never taken a typical

path: endless line-up changes, shifts in sound from lo-fi 60’s pop to experimental noise

rock, a twisting discography heavy on one-off singles and bizarre package tours with

afrobeat and freakfolk bands.”


With their new excellent single, “Break In”, we see the return of Saturday Looks Good to Me after disappearing in 2008 and working on other projects.

The song would be the perfect a compliment to a teen drama such as ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ with its jolly upbeat indie pop tune and easily to sing along to lyrics.

We see a change in the line-up of the original band, including new vocalists Carol Catherine and Amber Fellows, and old members, bassist Scott DeRoche and drummer Ryan Howard.

Their fifth album, “One Kiss Ends It All” is to be released 21 May 2013 and if it follows anything like the single, it is bound to be very popular amongst the Indie Pop music fans.

You can pre-order the album CD, LP or Cassette from

Let’s hope that this time they are back for good.


UK Publicity – James Parrish – Prescription PR

Vienna Ditto – Liar Liar (EP)

Vienna Ditto - Liar Liar Artwork

Release Date – 22 April 2013

Picture the scene. A dark plot in a movie or TV show such as CSI or Breaking Bad. The police are looking for clues but getting nowhere. What do you hear in the background? Something dark and mysterious. Those were the first impressions I got as soon as I started listening to Vienna Ditto’s “Liar Liar” EP. The dark twisted sounds, mixed with Hatty Taylor’s soft, soothing voice are the perfect mix of good meets evil.

Album Background:

‘Recorded in a chilly boat, a dank basement and an old temperance hall, Vienna Ditto’s debut EP, Liar Liar, is a DIY diary of their first, turbulent, two years. Recorded and produced by the band themselves, the tapes were then rescued and mixed by Umair Chaudhry at Silver St Studios.’ (Prescription PR)


The EP contains four tracks:

1. Liar Liar
2. The Undefeated
3. Whatever Comes My Way
4. Little Fingers

To listen to the album in full, Click Here

In the first track, “Liar Liar”, the chorus features an infectious line, ‘Your tongue runs away like your mouth’s on fire.’ If you don’t remember any of the other lines or songs, you’ll be singing that one line over and over.

The rest of the EP continues to follow the dark, mysterious theme as in the first track, which backs up the idea that it would make the perfect soundtrack compliment to a TV show or movie.

Vienna Ditto


“Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack” Huw Stephens, Radio 1


“With Smoky-voiced femme fatale Hatty Taylor on vocals, London-based three piece Vienna Ditto mix wild-eyed rockabilly riffs with sparse, atmospheric electronica.”  Q Magazine

“Fantastically dirty… one of the catchiest choruses l’ve ever heard… made me want to dance round my bedroom with my hairbrush” Esther Press, The Fly Magazine

With impressive reviews from Q Magazine, Artrocker, and The Fly Magazine, having their debut single played on BBC Radio 1, 6Music, XFM, a TV appearance on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks Music Show, and having already played at Glastonbury in 2009 on the BBC’s Introducing stage, Vienna Ditto are clearly heading for the top!

The band have a few shows lined up this April. If you wish to attend them, details can be found on their website,

Vienna Ditto - Image 3