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With their new album “Fu-Go” recently released (20th May 2013), The Trade are certainly making a name for themselves! They have also been seen supporting various bands such as The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, The Stiff Little Fingers, Ray Wilson & Stiltskin, The Twang, Dave Arcari, The Twilight Sad, The Xcerts, Chris Helm, Mark Morriss and The Underground Hero’s.

With Fu-Go being described as “Real get up and go music” ( it gives you the perfect reason and no excuse to go see them live! For gig dates, visit

Lead vocalist, Ross Milne, recently took time out to answer my questions:

If you could live your life by one of your song lyrics, what would it be?

‘From Fu-Go, I would say – Missing Out, the 2nd half of the song. The first half is painting the picture of most folk’s lives. The second half is the bit to live by. It’s about letting go, being impulsive and living life instead of keeping it all inside.

You’re trapped in a lift with one other band/artist. You get talking to them and they ask if you want to collaborate with them. Which band/artist would it be and why?

‘Mine would be Fish I think! – His lyrics are amazing. I love the fact that he is still going is awesome. I would also like to do the same with Roger Waters! Similar reasons. BUT if you’re looking at current artists, then it’s Kaleb Followill every day of the week for me! Loving the energy. So to blast out a collaboration with him would be off the scale!’

Did you ever think “we should go on The Xfactor”? Why/why not?

‘Yes. BUT only to get recognition, then leave it at that.  Not to do the entire competition. We have our sound and just need a leg up. We believe we have something folk like. We just need the bigger stage.’

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing right now?

‘Being in another band or certainly writing music!

Got to pay the bills, but on the spare time thing, it would always be music. If my voice went, I would play better than I can now! The guys all love it. Once it’s in you can’t just ignore it……..well not for long at least!’

Who comes up with the lyrics to your songs? Are they based on anything or made up of rhyming words that sound good. “Lying in my bed, wishing I was with you instead” etc…

‘I write all the lyrics and very seldom do they rhyme hahaha!

The idea for me is to convey a story or a point and make it as interesting as possible at the same time. I try to write so there are a few meanings taken from the song, so folk can personally like them for different reasons. Most of the time there is one ‘correct’ meaning, but not always. That’s the great thing about writing songs! Creating and getting imaginations going!’

Picture the scene. You come home after a gig. It’s late at night, you’re tired, you’ve just finished a curry and you’ve fallen onto the sofa. The light comes on, someone screams. It’s not your house. What’s going through your mind?
“Bollox! I cannot believe this has happened again!!!”

If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would be the first thing you do? (The real first thing.)

‘Alone time!!!! – And LOADS OF IT!!!!’

What do you look like first thing in the morning? 

‘Have you ever seen the MILK scene in Anchorman?’


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  1. That was a good interview….lol stay outta folks homes and off their sofa’s….♫♫ “The Happy Wanderer”…….♥

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