Wampire – Curiosity (Album)

Wampire – Curiosity


Released – May 14th 2013

Within seconds of hearing Wampire’s first song, and single “The Hurse”, you can tell that this album is going to be a success. Its dance, indie pop vibe with a slight creepiness to it, makes it something that even if you don’t like it at first, it will definitely grow on you.


1. The Hearse

2. Orchards

3. Spirit Forest

4. Giants

5. I Can’t See Why

6. Out of Money

7. Trains

8. Why

9. Magic Light

For more Wampire, visit their website www.WampireMusic.com

The resulting nine tracks are instantly memorable, while defying easy categorization. Says Phipps, “We realized the record began to stray away from having a ‘sound’ and gradually be- came a platter with an assortment of sounds. The record showcases a flavour we haven’t quite dug into before.”


“The interest in Portland’s Wampire continues to grow – with Huw Stephens a fan writing about them at SXSW, Zane Lowe picking the band as part of his “Next Hype” feature on Radio 1 last night and coverage coming up, or already happening, with the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian, Mojo, The Fly, Noisey, Uncut, Q, Dazed & Confused, NME, Artrocker, DIY and more.”


Best New Music – Pitchfork

“Creepy, but in a good way” – The Guardian


This is definitely one album worth buying.

Wampire shot


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