Saturday Looks Good To Me – Break In (Single)

From the Album ‘One Kiss Ends it All’ (Released 21 May 2013)


“In their decade-plus existence, Saturday Looks Good To Me has never taken a typical

path: endless line-up changes, shifts in sound from lo-fi 60’s pop to experimental noise

rock, a twisting discography heavy on one-off singles and bizarre package tours with

afrobeat and freakfolk bands.”


With their new excellent single, “Break In”, we see the return of Saturday Looks Good to Me after disappearing in 2008 and working on other projects.

The song would be the perfect a compliment to a teen drama such as ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ with its jolly upbeat indie pop tune and easily to sing along to lyrics.

We see a change in the line-up of the original band, including new vocalists Carol Catherine and Amber Fellows, and old members, bassist Scott DeRoche and drummer Ryan Howard.

Their fifth album, “One Kiss Ends It All” is to be released 21 May 2013 and if it follows anything like the single, it is bound to be very popular amongst the Indie Pop music fans.

You can pre-order the album CD, LP or Cassette from

Let’s hope that this time they are back for good.


UK Publicity – James Parrish – Prescription PR


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