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James Younger – Monday Morning (Single)

Monday Morning Single Artwork

Out Now!

Singer songwriter, James Younger, left his hometown of Manchester at the age of 21 to hitchhike his way around the states of America. The result of this? A note pad full of stories and conversations of all the people he has met. These stories and conversations are what James has used to create his debut album ‘Feelin’ American’ to be released June 2013.

The first single, Monday Morning, from his debut album is certainly a good one. Considering what we all imagine a Monday morning to be like, this certainly is the opposite. It’s jolly and one of those songs that makes you want to get out of bed and dance. Very Boo Radley’s like.

You can listen to his first single, ‘Monday Morning’ here.

If the album follows the same style of the single, it will definitely be worth a listen.

For more James Younger:



Honningbarna – Verden En Enkel (Album)


Released May 6th 2013 

Honningbarna (Norwegian for Honey Children) are a Norwegian punk-rock band just out of their teenage years.

Their live shows are hailed to be one of the most thrilling in Norway.

As someone who doesn’t speak a word of Norweigan, the album certain makes for interesting listening. Nevertheless this is certainly an excellent album.

Video for Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)

Vocalist Edvard Valberg certainly has some dance moves that could compete with Ed MacFarlane from Friendly Fires.

Honningbarna will be playing The Great Escape festival 16th – 18th May, as well as various UK and Ireland locations later on in the year.


For more Honningbarna, including tour dates, visit their website


Charlie Straight – I Sleep Alone (Single)


‘I Sleep Alone’ Single out 20th May 2013

First impressions? A joyful track you’ll instantly be singing along to. The infectious chorus of ‘I sleep alone’ along with the joyous instruments makes for an excellent song to lighten up any day.

Charlie Straight are a four-piece consisting of Albert (lead vocals), Michael (keyboard, backing vocals), Johnny (bass) and Paul (drums). Recently, the band supported Red Hot Chili Peppers and their video was featured and promoted on Coldplay’s website.

With over 50 thousand fans on Facebook3,5 million views on YouTube, one MTV Break-Through European Award and 3 Grammy Award, it’s clear that the band are hitting the right notes and impressing the right people!

Video for ‘I Sleep Alone’

If you enjoy the sounds of Charlie Straight, they will be playing The Great Escape Festival this year in 16 – 18th May, Brighton.

For tickets, and band listings, visit:

“Charlie Straight make the kind of joyful, harmony-driven Britpop, Britain itself has forgotten how to master.” The Guardian.





Damn Vandals – Kings of Never (Single)


Out Now!

Damn Vandals have recently been described as “the most talented and exciting rock band on the music scene for years.”

They have recently had numerous media exposure from Loaded TV, BBC Introducing and BBC 6Music, and Selector Radio, it’s clear that Damn Vandals are heading for success.

Their new track, ‘Kings of Never’, clearly adds to their success. With the hard yet soft vocals from singer and guitarist, Jack Kansas, mixed perfectly with the instrumentals from the band, the song can perfectly suit any mood.

Having listened to them for the first time, their infectious sounds instantly make you want to search for more from them! This is obviously not just my opinion, as their last album was named one of Bloomberg’s top 10 ‘Best CDs of 2012.’

Video for Kings of Never

“An Introducing classic … hits the sweet spot, combining straightahead simplicity – the hallmark of all great rock songs – with a killer groove and immaculate production.”

BBC6 Music Tom Robinson

“Damn Vandals, a great live band, thoroughly recommend seeing them, I’ve seen them a couple of times and on both occasions they’ve been absolutely superb, so much energy on stage, a proper rock n roll band.”  Chris Hawkins, BBC 6Music


“If Nick Cave fronted a heavier Gang Of Four….Damn Vandals are one of the most exciting bands to surface from theUK this year, and ‘Done For Desire’ one of the most exciting debuts.”  This is Fake DIY

See them live:

Thurs 28 March @ Nantwich Festival (Supporting the Blockheads)
Fri 5 April @ the Wheatsheaf, Oxford | Thurs 25 April @ Catch, London

SAT 11th MAY – 9PM £5

24th May @ Off The Tracks Festival – Main Stage 7pm /

Sat 25th May –  Headlining the Halfpenny stage at Lechlade Festival


Great Mountain Fire – Crooked Head


Released 6th May 2013

First impressions? Dancing on the beach. The instant feeling of being on a beach on a sunny day comes to mind as soon as I hear this song.

The great summer sound of Belgian band, Great Mountain Fire, instantly fill you with joy as you listen to them.

If they were asked to compare themselves to anyone, their answer would be The Beatles, fun’n’games, and Vietnamese beef soup- all in one go.”

Want to hear the acoustic version?

“Liking the sound of Great Mountain Fire!” – XFM

‘… A knack for classic songwriting that will take you back to the times when quality of music mattered and artists weren’t afraid to explore their creativity in a brave and honest way’ – Glasswerk

“Absolutely loving it! Tuuuune!” –  Festival Diaries

“Great Mountain Fire are really cool, a bit Foals-esque like!” – 102.6 Sine FM

“Really liking the single!” – Phase One FM



Drowning Pool – Resilience


Album Released 9th April 2013

Drowning Pool’s first success was “Bodies” released back in 2001. Now, 12 years later after 4 albums, they are back not only with their new album “Resilience”, but with new lead singer, Jasen Moreno.



1. Anytime Anyplace

2. Die For Nothing

3. One Finger And A Fist

4. Digging These Holes

5. Saturday Night

6. Low Crawl

7. Life Of Misery

8. Broken Again

9. Understand

10. Bleed With You

11. Skip To The End

12. In Memory Of (Bonus Track)

13. Blindfold (Bonus Track)

‘This Texan quartet has endured a revolving door of singers and yet manages to produce consistently killer albums with an unmistakable sound… His bark propels stompers… Drowning Pool proves resilient once again.’ – Revolver


To find out more about Drowning Pool, head to their website where you can also find their UK tour locations and book tickets.

Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent


Disarm the Descent released April 2 2013

After their long awaited return, and being hailed as “one of the most anticipated releases of 2013”, Grammy-nominated, Massachusetts-based hard rockers Killswitch Engage are back with their new album “Disarm the Descent” as a follow up to their 2009 album, self-titled “Killswitch Engage.”

The album also sees the welcoming return of Jesse Leach after being away from the band for a number of years.



1. The Hell In Me

2. Beyond The Flames

3. The New Awakening

4. In Due Time

5. A Tribute To The Fallen

6. Turning Point

7. All We Have

8. You Don’t Bleed For Me

9. The Call

10. No End In Sight

11. Always

12. Time Will Not Remain


Their latest single from their album, “In Due Time”, is hard metal at its finest with nothing but good reviews across the internet from their major fan base.

To find out more about Killswitch Engage, head to their website where you can also find their US tour locations and book tickets.


Wampire – Curiosity (Album)

Wampire – Curiosity


Released – May 14th 2013

Within seconds of hearing Wampire’s first song, and single “The Hurse”, you can tell that this album is going to be a success. Its dance, indie pop vibe with a slight creepiness to it, makes it something that even if you don’t like it at first, it will definitely grow on you.


1. The Hearse

2. Orchards

3. Spirit Forest

4. Giants

5. I Can’t See Why

6. Out of Money

7. Trains

8. Why

9. Magic Light

For more Wampire, visit their website

The resulting nine tracks are instantly memorable, while defying easy categorization. Says Phipps, “We realized the record began to stray away from having a ‘sound’ and gradually be- came a platter with an assortment of sounds. The record showcases a flavour we haven’t quite dug into before.”


“The interest in Portland’s Wampire continues to grow – with Huw Stephens a fan writing about them at SXSW, Zane Lowe picking the band as part of his “Next Hype” feature on Radio 1 last night and coverage coming up, or already happening, with the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian, Mojo, The Fly, Noisey, Uncut, Q, Dazed & Confused, NME, Artrocker, DIY and more.”


Best New Music – Pitchfork

“Creepy, but in a good way” – The Guardian


This is definitely one album worth buying.

Wampire shot

Saturday Looks Good To Me – Break In (Single)

From the Album ‘One Kiss Ends it All’ (Released 21 May 2013)


“In their decade-plus existence, Saturday Looks Good To Me has never taken a typical

path: endless line-up changes, shifts in sound from lo-fi 60’s pop to experimental noise

rock, a twisting discography heavy on one-off singles and bizarre package tours with

afrobeat and freakfolk bands.”


With their new excellent single, “Break In”, we see the return of Saturday Looks Good to Me after disappearing in 2008 and working on other projects.

The song would be the perfect a compliment to a teen drama such as ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ with its jolly upbeat indie pop tune and easily to sing along to lyrics.

We see a change in the line-up of the original band, including new vocalists Carol Catherine and Amber Fellows, and old members, bassist Scott DeRoche and drummer Ryan Howard.

Their fifth album, “One Kiss Ends It All” is to be released 21 May 2013 and if it follows anything like the single, it is bound to be very popular amongst the Indie Pop music fans.

You can pre-order the album CD, LP or Cassette from

Let’s hope that this time they are back for good.


UK Publicity – James Parrish – Prescription PR

Vienna Ditto – Liar Liar (EP)

Vienna Ditto - Liar Liar Artwork

Release Date – 22 April 2013

Picture the scene. A dark plot in a movie or TV show such as CSI or Breaking Bad. The police are looking for clues but getting nowhere. What do you hear in the background? Something dark and mysterious. Those were the first impressions I got as soon as I started listening to Vienna Ditto’s “Liar Liar” EP. The dark twisted sounds, mixed with Hatty Taylor’s soft, soothing voice are the perfect mix of good meets evil.

Album Background:

‘Recorded in a chilly boat, a dank basement and an old temperance hall, Vienna Ditto’s debut EP, Liar Liar, is a DIY diary of their first, turbulent, two years. Recorded and produced by the band themselves, the tapes were then rescued and mixed by Umair Chaudhry at Silver St Studios.’ (Prescription PR)


The EP contains four tracks:

1. Liar Liar
2. The Undefeated
3. Whatever Comes My Way
4. Little Fingers

To listen to the album in full, Click Here

In the first track, “Liar Liar”, the chorus features an infectious line, ‘Your tongue runs away like your mouth’s on fire.’ If you don’t remember any of the other lines or songs, you’ll be singing that one line over and over.

The rest of the EP continues to follow the dark, mysterious theme as in the first track, which backs up the idea that it would make the perfect soundtrack compliment to a TV show or movie.

Vienna Ditto


“Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack” Huw Stephens, Radio 1


“With Smoky-voiced femme fatale Hatty Taylor on vocals, London-based three piece Vienna Ditto mix wild-eyed rockabilly riffs with sparse, atmospheric electronica.”  Q Magazine

“Fantastically dirty… one of the catchiest choruses l’ve ever heard… made me want to dance round my bedroom with my hairbrush” Esther Press, The Fly Magazine

With impressive reviews from Q Magazine, Artrocker, and The Fly Magazine, having their debut single played on BBC Radio 1, 6Music, XFM, a TV appearance on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks Music Show, and having already played at Glastonbury in 2009 on the BBC’s Introducing stage, Vienna Ditto are clearly heading for the top!

The band have a few shows lined up this April. If you wish to attend them, details can be found on their website,

Vienna Ditto - Image 3